Our Ceiling Is Our Children’s Floor


Matthew’s Wedding Day


Our family is celebrating our third wedding in five months.

 Our joy increases exponentially with every celebration. Matthew fially took the plunge and married  Pam in January, in a traditional church wedding. Mara  chose an intimate ceremony in Barbados with a large reception afterwards. Now on Saturday evening David also celebrates his wedding  with a huge family reception.


 Each time my husband and I bear witness to another child taking a committed plunge into their adult lives, they surprise us with their strength and maturity.My children posses a degree of inner healing that we  could only long for at their age.

                                                                                    David and his daughter

Tonight  my children will dance with joy and abandon as they celebrate David’s new life.

 Often they dance like they will tonight in a circle, facing each other, laughing and enjoying each other.

They enjoy each other but are also inclusive and it seems that others get caught up in their exuberance.


To their father and I, they radiate  freedom, joy and light. Thank God that our ceiling is our children’s’ floor.  I could weep with relief because they are not starting their lives back at the same point as we did.


Essentially we said, ” Each negative trait ends here, in us. Do not touch our kids.”

People ask Michael and I what our secret is to raise great kids and we must honestly admit that it was  letting go of control, while still  in the darkness,  and trusting in the Light.


All our best efforts, struggles and sufferings simply threw us head long into a stone wall. Giving up was the best thing that we ever did.


Just look at our adult and almost adult offspring dance.


Their dancing says it all.


                                                                           Mara’s wedding day

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