Iggy The Rabbit Was An Enigma

Our family is pretty inclusive and open. There is always enough room and food for one more person or animal.I can’t really offer a rational explanation for the bizarre behaviour of our animals,though. Just like our kids, our animals get along for the most part; they have lots of personality and they show unique characteristics. The the most dramatic animal stories involve rabbits and a cat or dog.

 A puzzling story concerns Iggy, Rachel’s fearless Rabbit. Iggy was full of joy when we first brought her home and let her out of her cage. She ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes. Iggy was in charge of the household pets not the cat or dog. Kitty would carefully peak around the staircase to see if the coast was clear. If Iggy caught a glimpse of Kitty, she would scramble as fast as she could and chase Kitty right back upstairs. If the dog started to chase Iggy, she would outrun him and was soon running behind Shadow as they ran their laps. The rabbit chased the dog!  Even more bold, she was at the fridge in a flash,  if she heard the fridge door open. She’d stand up to get a better view of the veggies.  If Rachel tried to sleep in, Iggy would hop on the bed and wake her up!

Iggy was definitely not a cowering rabbit.

Earlier in our family life,  a well-meaning friends gave us a female rabbit but we decided, after a week, that although she usually used the litter box, there were to many rabbit balls appearing on the floor.  Anthony, my run-about baby, was faster at crawling than I was at sweeping. So until Anthony was a bit older, Bunny had to live in the barn.

A week later I moved the Chesterfield only to discover two baby bunnies! We were frantically looking for Mother Bunny when Rachel saw Mother Cat,who had only one newborn kitten, slipping under the couch. Rachel yelled. “Kitty is going to eat the baby bunnies!”

We all quickly uncovered the bunnies again and there was black Kitty nursing two tiny, white rabbits.

I have never heard of rabbits, cats or dogs behaving in such unorthodox ways. Maybe love and attention allows antagonists to become friends?


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