Humour Helps

I want to share three quotes that are on my fridge. All three are key to my sanity, each for a different reason.

When I feel  at my wit’s end. This one makes me laugh and cuts through my stress.

                                               One in four people are mentally unbalanced.

                                               Think of three friends.

                                               If they seem fine,

                                               You’re the one.

Laughter is the best way to snap out of a funk Also the reassurance that nothing is as catastrophic as it seems when we are in the middle of it. Through difficult times  I have discovered these words to be true.


And lastly some gentle consolation from a woman who suffered through the Black Plague during the middle ages. She nursed the sick.

“All shall be well, all shall be well… For there is a Force of love moving through the universe That holds us fast and will never let us g0.” lady julian of norwich ( c.a. 1342-1416)
Last one.  A funny word my family coined for crazy thinking that leads to stress. Repeat this word and laughter will banish that intellectual fanatic in the attic or your mind.

2 thoughts on “Humour Helps

    1. I know. I like to be in control but sometimes when everything SEEMS to go wrong, the old crumbles and something better rises up. eg. Adult child is shattered by layoff from job only to receive much needed payed vacation, severance package and free time to look for a better job!


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