Photo Peek: Kids + Farm Animals = Comedy

                                                                                       Daisy our goat liked to follow the kids around.

We raised one calf per year. I called our meat “happy meat” because they were free range animals the didn’t suffer the trauma of the slaughter house.

Anthony loved trying new stunts on our very old,

staid horse

My  nieces and daughter Emily delighted in a squealing, squirming piglet

Pigs, pigs, those intelligent pigs

Michael my husband loves to fish and we love to eat fresh fish.

Rachel is my animal lover. The cat is not impressed.

Turkeys are very stupid when they are young. We put marbles in the water so they could find the water. Baby chicks ran circles around themEven though turkey chiks afe a lot bigger than chickens we had to separate them.

I have many rabbit stories, Iggy had great a self image. He chased the cat and played with our dog.And our mother cat nursed two orphaned bunnies at the same time as her kitten

Our siberian huskey loved to cuddle with kids and cats

Muscovy ducks eat flies, so we always ordered a couple of ducklings a year. Later we learned that muscovy meat is an expensive delicacy.

If someone calls you a chicken, it is REALLY an insult. The kids and I had to chase, grab and pick up 175 meat birds every year and pitch them outside for the first couple of days. They are afraid of everything.


4 thoughts on “Photo Peek: Kids + Farm Animals = Comedy

    1. it was a lot of fun and heathy for the kids. My computer is down until friday. I can only connect in town! BUT I do have comments to make on other peoples blogs– your included
      thank-you for your loyal support


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