Temper Tantrum?

babies are completely dependent on their caregiver

My first thought is to pity the child, not the mother.

As a mother of nine kids, people often ask me,

“How on earth did you manage without any help? ”

If I had to divulge one secret that I was fortunate enough to discover early in my mothering career, it would be,

“Never let them get tired and never let them get hungry.”

There is a universal image stuck in our brains of a screaming toddler throwing a tantrum on the floor of a grocery store. Even the best parent becomes a helpless victim in these situations because nobody is as miserable and disagreeable as a hungry and irritable baby, toddler, or small child.

When I see a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, my first thought is,
“That poor kid, not that poor mother.”
To mothers of little children: Do you want wellbehaved kids?
“Never let them get hungry and never let them get tired.”
Trust me, ignoring bedtime, naps or snacks and meals either to shop, talk on the phone or visit a friend simply is NOT worth the aggravation of dealing with upset little people, afterwards. When I ignored the warning signs that my kids were reaching their limits of endurance, I created either a clingy, irritating wimp or a screaming monster.Then nothing I did or said seemed to help the situation.

I might have looked like a self-sacrificing mother but I was merely acting out of a sense of self-preservation when I put my kids needs first. No time for resentment because happy and satisfied kids were worth every sacrifice I made. The peace was worth any compromise.

One niece once told me that many people had given her advice when she became a new mother but the only thing she always remembered and practiced was,

“Never let them get tired and never let them get hungry.”

6 thoughts on “Temper Tantrum?

    1. I happen to be right here. I know this is just common sense but our society does not always preach common sense or intuitive mothering
      reading the fine print, I sww You live around toronto? I live, i5 minutes north off Brockville, no wonder we click!


  1. I figured the sleep thing after dealing with a colicky baby for 5.5 months! The one time my agreeable son pitched a fit, I couldn’t figure it out. That is, until I looked at the clock and it was an hour past our regularly scheduled dinnertime. I completely agree with this rule, but have never put it into simple words, so thanks for sharing!


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