One Lovely Blog Award

Thank-you so much to the wonderful blogger , lexianana who writes

Kovies ,

I must show 7 facts about myself :. My husband calls me Myers (my maiden name) because no one else does.It is his special term of endearment and that as sweet as he can manage.

I do love four seasons and if is going  to be cold, then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

 I have seriously been gearing up to learn how to drive a car by driving the lawn tractor. My mishaps are legendary and Michael only knows half of them. I good literally write a book about my tragic-comic episodes.My granddaughter is PERFECT and another daughter will soon be a mum. I must learn to drive

I am 5’1″ and 104 lbs. but often feel taller than people who prove to be inches taller than me. Any one my height seems shorter than  me. A fatal  flaw???

In our old house my bedroom was an awful  purple-pink for 16 years. Guess what colour it was in the new house? Yep. Unbelievably  the very same awful shade..exactly!! Someone did not like me. My kids completely redid the bedroom for an anniversary gift. It is now a pale blue with white trim…

I am grateful for my life, thankful for the unending mercy and love showered on me and I pray that this generous gift is passed on to all I meet  in person and through my written words.

My floor is my children’s ceiling

And now to honour seven worthy bloggers who will pass it on to others I miss.

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Sue Ann’s Balcony

Bucket List Publications

8 Kids and a Business

Wings Like Eagles

Life is just a Bowl of Cherries

A Window of Wisdom

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