DAY 13: What’s Up With The Drug Companies ?

A person diagnosed with cancer is frightened  and desperate; he will try any thing and everything to get better. When someone gets cancer, the first reaction of modern medicine is to go in with all guns blazing, blasting the bad guy cells, taking all the good guy cells down as well. It is an attack with chemo or radiation and a take no prisoners sort of philosophy. Wipe out the women and children cells, show no mercy because this is an epic war, a matter of life and death. The battles and skirmishes take their toll on the body but there is no other option offered. Let the doctors wage a major war campaign inside your body or die. Period. End of story. And if a patient mentions natural ‘cures’, the cryptic response would probably be,

‘It’s your life, but I would not trust some quack cure that has not gone through years of scientific studies.”

While one of my uncles waited for surgery for prostate cancer, he made appointments with a well-known, self-educated, cancer survivor who offers free consultations and teaches other cancer victims how to get well again. The basic premise is very simple. In 1st world countries, where people eat processed food, wheat and sugar, their bodies  become increasingly acidic. Cancer cells love an acidic environment

Traditional Medicine focuses on treating the disease; natural health Doctors also focus on preventing disease in the first place.

It is such a simple concept, cut out all alcohol and smoking because when a sick person indulges in those activities, he might as well throw gasoline on the cancer fire in his body. It is no surprise that when your immune system is low and the white blood cell count is high your body cannot tolerate any junk food, anything in a can, manufactured and put in a box, sugar or  wheat. There are foods that increase acidity and foods that are very alkaline. My uncle followed the diet religiously and managed to get his white blood cell count to 2 which is completely normal. To be safe, he went through the surgery.

Such a simple prescription. Why on earth don’t all doctor’s follow suit?? The conspiracy-theory is that modern medicine is under the thumb of the drug companies.      The other theory is that these companies are stifling a cure to prevent cancer because billions of dollars  in profits are at stake.  The lies the companies spread  make it completely taboo to question modern, scientifically proven treatments. If you do speak against the things as they are, you will be dismissed as a quack.


8 thoughts on “DAY 13: What’s Up With The Drug Companies ?

  1. I don’t mean what follows as a criticism in any way because I see completely what you are saying and agree that alternative measures should be given a shot. If anything, my mother’s story supports your argument.

    She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of ’96 and died the fall of the same year. Not all cancers are alike, and she had the worst kind – the one that spreads the most quickly. However, doctors from the beginning played down the severity of her case, resulting in actions that came too late

    Here is the path the doctor’s followed beginning with finding the lump. I basically will quote the doctors:

    “You have a lump, but it is almost positively benign.”
    “The lump has grown, we should do a biopsy just to be safe.”
    “The lump was cancerous, but we caught it in time and we’ll remove it and things will be fine.”
    The lump is returning, so we’ll remove it and explore.”
    “The cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, so we’ll do a lumpectomy [removing the lump and all lymph nodes] and radiation. This will almost certainly take care of it.”
    “The cancer is coming back, so we’ll do more radiation.”
    “The cancer has spread to your liver, and we should do a mastectomy on the one side with chemotherapy.”
    “The cancer is in the other breast now, and we should do another mastectomy with chemo and radiation to follow.”
    “The cancer is still spreading, and we regret to inform you that you have about 6 months to a year to live. Let’s do more chemo to prolongate your life to 1 1/2 to 2 years”

    My mother was dead within a month of that last statement.

    On the other hand, we tried diets and other holistic things, and there are a lot of scoundrels out there that exploit people who are sick. We spent a lot of money on nonsense cures. So, my message here I guess is that you can’t really trust doctors or holistic measures and that no one really understands how to treat some cancers. Others, like your uncle, seem to benefit, and I think that is wonderful.


  2. Modern medicine uses what we call an “evidence-based” approach. People do research, and we use the results of scientifically rigorous (and peer-reviewed) experimentation to guide treatment. This means that while interesting (and sometimes worth investigating further), anecdotes are not sufficient to change the general treatment approach.

    That said, each patient is different, and believe it or not, doctors realize this. There is no one single best way to treat cancer (after all, cancer isn’t just one disease), but there *is* data to support certain treatment modalities.

    It is true that doctors do make mistakes (they are human after all). Darin’s story seems like a prime example. Darin, I am sorry for your loss. I hope you will continue to share your story with others as a reminder that there is no replacement for being proactive, and being well-informed about your health is an important part of that.

    To address your conspiracy theory head-on, let me say this. I personally do research on cancer (gliomas, to be precise). I work at an academic research institution. None of the research that I or my lab does is funded by a pharmaceutical company. That’s not how the system works. If we were to find a cure (for anything, no matter how small), we would be thrilled, there would be papers (and follow-up papers) written ad naseum on the subject. The truth is, medical research is time-consuming and often frustrating. Cells are living things, and rarely behave the way you expect. So while people might think that we’ve poured all this time and effort and perhaps have little to show for it (which isn’t true at all, actually), let’s bear in mind that the process is perhaps not as simple as you might think.


    1. Yes, I am glad you said that. I am forever grateful to modern medicine BUT don’t dismiss folk antidotes. After all asprin originally came for the bark of the willow tree. If someone had just discovered that today, described success, the drug companies would not bother because they can’t patent a plant.


      1. Disagree entirely. While you can’t patent a plant, you CAN patent a process to extract a drug from a plant. You can patent a process to synthesize the drug de novo. If there’s something out there worth buying, don’t underestimate people’s ability to make a buck off of it.

        As for dismissing folk antidotes, I didn’t mean to do that at all. But these things need to be studied properly and tested before they can be a part of mainstream medicine. That’s just the nature of how it works because the medical profession has a duty to “do no harm” and it’s usually safer to treat with things we have studied than things we haven’t.


      2. I hear YOU. You spoke with patience, grace and intelligence about your experience as a researcher. Your words ring with clarity and truth.I think that I have another post to write. It is so easy to allow fear mongering to over take common sense. I still would like doctors to prescribe alkaline diets, though


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