I Have Been Published

   I Have Been Published!                                             

7_quick_takes_sm1 If  I can’t brag to other bloggers about these little surprises, who can I brag to?

  • Pro-life Blogs published two articles

  Why Did You Have So Many Kids?


                  Nurturing Your Baby Before Birth



  • Article Chosen for Big Click Award on Catholic Bloggers Network

Readings and Reflections Category- Unless you Become Like Little Children


  • Foundation of Life Published poems  called Transformed , The Call, The Wisdom Of Mothers



Also posted Why did you have So Many Kids? 


  • Pewsitter.com also posted Why Did You Have So Many Kids?


  • 100 articles published on BrooWaHa 23,216 reads since Sept.10


  • Invited to write for BC Staff Blogs

Three articles so far   Blogging Opens The Door To Writing


Passionate About Learning: From Bonsai Trees to Quantum Physics,

A Brainless Nod? Hardly!

  • BlogHer’s  NaBloPoMo comments on 2nd last post- You should consider journalism

When Nursing is a Vocation Not Just A job


http://www.blogher.com/nablopomo-golden-key-writer-s-soul Na BloPoMo: The Key To This Writer’s Soul


24 thoughts on “I Have Been Published

  1. Hi Melanie,
    Congratulations. Success is wonderful and I wish you more good fortune as others embrace your writing, I’ve got to say that once it’s in your blood you just can’t let it go and Broowaha is a great outlet.


  2. hello!! you have 9 you beat me by 1
    I was wondering if you would like to be published again?!
    I am the editor of an online parenting magazine called The True Power of Parenting, our next issue is themed around education, I was wondering if you’d like to include something of yours in it?
    I like the sound of from Bonsai tree’s to quantum physics btw!
    anyway if you are interested please drop me a line at arna@theiamprogram.com and I can send you the last issue so you can check us out…and go from there, I only have a couple of weeks to compile the content so ASAP would be wonderful , btw we can’t pay contributors as the whole thing is free for everyone but we encourage you to add your links to the bio x


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