Writers Inspiring Writers

Credit: Megan Broutain
inspired words

When creativity is expressed and shared, it sparks creativity in countless other people.

I was reading an article by Isabel Anders which included inspirational quotes from famous authors, when one quotation resonated within me, lifting my spirits. In a comment, I wrote:

“Your quotes slip like liquid sunshine into the shadows of my heart.”

A scant few minutes later, Megan Broutain burst out,

“Yowza. That is deep”.

She created a unique pin with my words in a matter of minutes without any obvious effort. As a computer illiterate, Megan’s techenical skills on the computer left me dumbfounded.

This button is a playful creation which none of us could have created on our own. It took three women, sharing their thoughts and talents freely and generously, with no thought of self promotion. Not one of us were capable of creating this button on our own.

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