A Cautionary Tale For All Animal Lovers, Pushovers and Softies

fat-tabby-kitten_w725_h580Are you are an animal lover like me, especially when it comes to strays?

I know that in my case, just one piteous glance sends me scurrying for food, water and a comfy blanket, even if that stray is a mangy, flea-bitten, runny eyed, wild, tom cat. Well I think that after yesterday, I have become a bit more leery of scheming strays.

This summer, my heart went out to a neglected wild cat who hung around our acreage. At first I left out bowls of food and water for him that were away from the doorways. Slowly I moved the dishes closer. At first he was skittish but after a month he would at least come in and hide under the kitchen table. After two months he did not run away when I came close. Soon, he was on my lap purring and scrambling for more and more petting. He was starved for affection.

However, when the snow fell, Sam refused to go outside or use the kitty litter. I literally had to chase or sneak up on the mangy beast, to throw him outside to do his business. No, he preferred the earthen floor in our cold storage. And it stank. Our huge home reeked on all three levels.

After I managed to sniff out all this cat’s indoor toilets, my husband decided that it was time to throw Sam back outside. Michael reasoned that Sam would eventually head over to our neighbours warm cattle barn and hunt all the mice he could eat.

A few nights later, when it was bitterly cold, I heard Sam scratching piteously at the door to the summer kitchen. I simply could not leave him out in -28 C weather. However, when we woke up, the stench in the house made our eyes water. I finally tracked down a rocking chair with a throw, a bed and a chair in the library that Sam had sprayed and urinated on! He had never sprayed before in the house, urinated yes but never sprayed. I washed blankets, a duffett, cushions and pillows in soap and vinegar and still had to throw out a chair and mattress!

Sam was furious at us and in righteous indignation he had punished us. Cats really do reign like mini lords, treating humans like their footman, lackey’s and indentured servants.

“Vengeance Is Mine”, Says The Lord…And The Cat.


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