Dearly Departed

fli-fl5037Write your own eulogy.

Well I hope my perspective has changed from today till the day when I die at, umm… around 98 years old. I imagine that I will even be shorter than my current 5’1″. Picture a tiny, bird like woman, face wrinkled with laugh lines and eyes twinkling with laughter.

I am sitting here, thinking about what I would want to say at my funeral. Just writing these words bring tears to my eyes because I have longed to go home for many years to meet my Beloved face to face.  I want you to rejoice with me because although my body has died, my spirit is alive and well and living just beyond a thin veil. As St.Paul says, we are part of one body, the living and the dead. This  reality is called the communion of saints. We are united even in death.

Know that I am praying for you, loving you even though your eyes do not see me. I am not spouting off platitudes but revealing my own experiences when I tell you that we can still talk, whisper to each other. Those loving whispers are called prayer.

Look deep within your spirit and you will smile with me. Smile because in the silence you will discover that I am near.

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