DP: Through a Canadian Window

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

B1405-50 Corc XmasTreesSnow RccS12 (1)I am warm as I stand near the wood stove and gaze at the snow outside.  Imprinted on the Canadian psyche,  this classic image triggers one of our most beloved conversations…the weather.

There is nothing a Canadian loves better than regaling each other with extreme weather tales. It is almost a source of pride to see who has survived the coldest, most snow, highest wind, and longest power outages. Does the rest of the world not realize that we set a snowfall record this month for the most snow by mid January?  From the tiniest tot to an elderly man in a rocking chair, we have all heard and discussed this amazing fact with a combination of pride and alarm.

The weather channel, the weather on the Internet  the weather phone line and the weather page in the newspaper are important because we need to know…

Is there a frost bite warning? How long till exposed skin freezes, a minute?

Will the car start or should cars be plugged in?

Will there be patches of black ice?

Have the snow ploughs cleared the route to work?

Will there be a white-out?

Is there a winter storm warning?

Is school cancelled?

Are the police advising people to only travel if there is an emergency?

Apparently the average Canadian searches for frequent updates throughout the day, all  the better to include these statistics in any conversation possible. The more drastic the stats, the more horrified yet oddly proud our tone will be and we adore remembering the shocking weather facts. For example, did you know that in 1979 in the province of Saskatchewan, it was  -70C with the wind chill factor for over a month?. Yep. Newly married  and driving 100km an hour,  our car was  threatening to break down because we did not know enough to put a barrier in front of the radiator, to keep out the frigid air

Then there are the jokes! I will leave you  with this joke, posted in our school newsletter.

We have four seasons in Canada. Almost winter, winter, still winter and..construction!

13 thoughts on “DP: Through a Canadian Window

  1. Where I stand in Burnaby, BC. Our season here is wet, wetter, wettest. By the by, congratulations for your nomination as an inspirational blogger. Cheers. Perpetua.


      1. her face and eyes are simple, direct, real, deep, insightful- not sappy or fake saintlit is like there is a connection with her through the old fuzzy photos. She snags my heart. I better start connecting with her, asking for prayers


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