IMG_7079Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you


HI. My name is melanie jean juneau and I am a new writer with a problem.

This could have been  a short post BUT I think that I should seize the opportunity to ask for help choosing a new title for my rough, rough draft of a collection of my posts- a book.

1.  Obviously themotherofnine9 raising nine kids on a hobby farm a  means exactly what it says-I am a  woman who gave birth to nine kids and raised them on a hobby farm.


Firecrackers in the Hands of Thirteen Year Olds AND a Crazy Dad

2.  A second wordpress blog is called Joy and is a Catholic blog that also focuses on raising a lot of kids with a cup of tea and the mercy of God for joy and strength .



3. A mish-mash blogspot blog  called The Joy Of Mothering. I keep it because  wordpress is interactive with comments from other writers while blogspot attracts an international audience with very few comments but has a good page rank and SEO.

The problem is that there are way too many blogs with the word joy in them and another blogger or two called motherofnine

sigh- I was going to list my top ten titles but I will spare you the misery. They are all pretty flat and nondescript. Hey why not? Just ignore all the titles  if nothing jumps out at you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


  Delight in the Little Things                                                                                     

 This is Your Call/ This is Your Vocation /This is your Witness to the World  

  Living With Little People                                                                                                                                                                                              


Say Yes and Discover Joy                                                                                

 Surprised by Life                                                                                                                    

Listen to the Children                                                                                            

Tea, Me and the Mercy of God

 Raising Kids: A Default Chore?  





25 thoughts on “themotherofnine9

      1. Oh dear, this is one of those days, that I am not Listening properly. Now it makes sense. I have been having problem with one of the bloggers living off comments on my post. That’s why I’m a bit sensitive. Thank you.


      2. I just wrote a long reply and my cat jumped and all is gone..the gist of my comment was

        .no worries sis, we are all in this together and never be afraid to share a word from your heart and His heart to me


  1. “Joy o’ 9 tales” [instead of cat/ tails] or “The Whole 9 Kids” [yards] or “The EverMommy” like the Eveready battery except that some stylized children, holding hands, are coming through the opening of the number “9” instead of the cat that was featured on the logo……. it’s 2:20 AM, I should know better than to be creative at this hour. Apologies!

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  2. mulledvine Brain dump:
    Drinking tea with God
    The joy of motherhood
    A life complete
    A life replete
    Echoes of little voices
    My divine nine
    A mother’s delight
    Surprised by motherhood
    2 hours ago · Reply · Like · Flag

    motherofnine9 your comment combined with Hels has fired up my brain cells because humour is a large part of my kid’s tales but so is spirituality. I like both

    Echoes of little voices: My divine nine
    Echoes of little voices: A mother’s delight
    Surprised by Motherhood: “No sleep, archaic clothing, but well worth It”.



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