A Plot of Earth: A Delight in Winter as Well as Summer

292707-svetika pond calms the soul in any season

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Well, we rural_roots_iris_garden have  already run a hobby farm for 20 years, with chickens, pigs, a calf, two horses and  a garden with 75 ft. rows. We merely rented, though, and made do with old barns and little spare cash. We are now on our own seven acres with a creek running through. Meandering gardens and an old house-1886.  I am content with the rough beauty. Yet the thought of unlimited money to turn this place into a soothing retreat would be heavenly, as long as I had enough to help all nine kids with student loans, car payments and mortgages.

I would like to transform these 7 acres into a holiday spot for my nine adult kids and grandchildren. It could also be a retreat house, a place of healing for people who need peace and quiet to heal their bodies and souls.

greenhouse1 (2)

landscaping should always consider what it will look like in the winter
Since we can have snow on the ground from the end of October to the beginning of April, the first consideration must be that the 7 acres look beautiful in the winter as well as the summer. Of course a huge greenhouse which would be attached to the house would make winter enjoyable. A few benches and a small fountain transforms the greenhouse into a quiet, soothing place to relax as well as garden. Gardening is very healing. I love to sink my hand into the warm earth. No gloves for me!.
Stone pathways, benches in private nooks and fountains in unexpected places and many bird feeders to attract the birds are a must.
We would build a stone guest house to entice our nine kids and their growing families to holiday here and a wing off our main house for any guests here for spiritual restoration. Of course an indoor pool  and sauna would be an added enticement.
A wood workshop with all the best tools for my husband and sons who are all handy could be the start of a family business. Already one son is a professional cabinet-maker.
I have petered out for now but I think that is a pretty good start don’t you?

4 thoughts on “A Plot of Earth: A Delight in Winter as Well as Summer

  1. Great Post, Glad you asked!


    Our project in its initial conception was flawed in that it followed the consolidated one – big farm model that included us actually warehousing veterans as farm workers.

    Distributivism and Sustainable Farming showed us the stinkin in our thinkin.

    Government veterans’ programs however well-intentioned have created a dependent class that strips away their human dignity and fails to touch the core principles that they know.

    Our goal is to begin establishing veteran owned sustainable farms, craft and artisan shops.

    Central to the project is also the establishment of our Sgt. Harry Shaw Centre for the Arts and Literature that will also house Gallagher’s Kopper Kettle performance hall.


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