Amazing Brain Study


amazing-brain-study (1)


First time I read through  this jumble, I  only understood half of the message but when I relaxed it was easy. Also When the background is blue, It is very simple; for some reason it is even more relaxing, my eyes did not have to staring and the essence of the words popped out.


28 thoughts on “Amazing Brain Study

  1. I got “this message” and “you can read this.” I have to come back when I am more “relaxed.” Girl, where do you come up with this stuff??? Don’t you know the “older I get the thing I miss the most is my mind!!!!!” Now it is within me to figure it out, and will not give up until I do! Thank you very much for making me “obsessive.:>)” Like I had nothing better to do:>) Will be back later:>) God Bless, SR


  2. I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!! Thank you very much for the tired brain now. It will have to sleep a week for it to regain its senses. This was fun and different. Enjoyed it! God Bless, SR


  3. a doctor left a comment on BlogCatalog that is interesting

    helenafortissima There’s quite a bit of controversy over how and why the human brain makes sense out of a jumble like this. There is some thought that our brains read words, not letters, and that as long as the first and last letters are in the right place, we can deduce the rest. But, that’s not entirely true, as anyone who’s ever been troubled by a set of Daily Jumble permutations can attest. There’s also the issue of context.



  4. hahahahahahah I have a strong mind… that was crazy! I looked first and thought, what in the world is this… until “How our mind” jumped out to me…
    that was a good one Melanie! God Bless


  5. fortunately or unfortunately, I could read that like normal text. I have rather severe dyslexia, and see a 3 and an E as the same thing all the time anyways, so this was just normal…


  6. this message serves to prove how our mind can do amazing things! impressive things !in the beginning it was hard but your mind is reading it automatically with our even thinking about it ,be proud !only certain people can read this. please forward if you can read this.


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