The wiring in my brain lacks certain vital circuits.

After years of struggling against my basic intellectual wiring, I have finally accepted that there are large black holes in my brain that deal with technology and even simple mechanics. I am content to manage our large home, renovate, garden and landscape and write. I do not care one whit that the kids laugh in disbelief because I cannot figure out the T.V. or cell phone.

Case in point.

I am a woman who has done little travelling. After 12 hours of travelling across three-time zones, on three different airplanes, connecting with a shuttle service and making it to my parents condominium entrance without mishap, I could not get in. This was my first visit where my dad admitted that he cannot drive safely in the dark. The first time he did not usher me in, carrying my luggage. Although I remembered their condo number, I did not know the access code to connect with them and I do not own a cell phone. The intercom system kept telling me to scroll down to access the list of occupants but for the life of me, I could not figure it out. I could have cried in frustration because the complex seemed deserted.

Since I did not want to stand around looking like an idiot, I lugged my heavy suitcase, carry-on and purse as I trudged through gardens, rocked strewn areas till I finally came around to their patio at the back of the complex.Their railing was so high, I stumbled as I hauled my bags over it and I had to balance on a rock to reach high enough to swing my leg over. Then one leg became wedged between the railings. It is a miracle that I finally stood in front of their patio door and knocked.

The look on my 82-year old parents’ faces was worth all that hassle. It was priceless. I laughed and laughed as my mum completely commiserated with my lack of techno-smarts and my dad patiently tried to explain the intricacies of scrolling down.

22 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Melanie, I’m in the same boat, probably the most technologically inept male on the planet. Just today my internet service went haywire. I spent over two hours on the phone with a technician trying to solve the problem, and couldn’t understand a single one of his instructions. Finally, he gave up and solved the problem entirely on his end.


  2. This was so funny I cannot stop laughing! This is even better than “LOL!” Do not feel alone, I am very technology challenged. I do what I can do to get by and the rest leave to the kids. I can only imagine your parent. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR


  3. Oh My Days Melanie, I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets really stuck with some of the technologies of today. What a laugh you gave me, and I’m so glad that a nosey neighbour didn’t get his gun out and aim – just as you were throwing your legs over, ha ha ha OR you weren’t apprehended by the boys in blue first.


  4. I have tech troubles too. Partly because I’m about as tech-savvy as a moose. Mainly because inanimate objects mess with me for their own amusement.


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