Open the Wings of Your Imagination

As a busy mother of nine children,

I have always been an oral storyteller

but fear blocked  any forays into writing.

 Whenever I started to record our hilarious life on paper,

I wrote stilted mummy drivel.

It  has been  barely a year since I have discovered

a creative fountain of written words buried deep within me.

Suddenly an idea springs up from my inner self,

 initiating  a flow of words,  assimilated emotions, reflections and connections

that seem to take on a life of their own.

This entire process is  joyful and life-giving,

like writing with my fingers, not my brain.


21 thoughts on “Open the Wings of Your Imagination

  1. I love your blog, I find it hard to believe that you ever wrote stilted mummy drivel but, going from oral storytelling to written is a change of how you use the magic of the telling and I’m glad you found that. I wouldn’t be able to read your stories if you hadn’t 🙂 That writing from the fingers and not from the brain, that I know and that I miss! It’s a beautiful thing when the words flow forth through your fingers without having to chase them down one by hidden one in your head and punch them out on a screen.


    1. when we were in the middle of a two year confrontation with someone, we were taught how to always approach them as if we expected them to be reasonable and as if we expected a positive response. However my husband says I have a gift of disarming most anatgonists


      1. I am sure I can agree with your husband even though I have never met you! 😉 I wish you were in my life, most people are glad to see me go home! 🙂 God Bless, SR


  2. I have a bunch of these kinds of inspirational quotes taped all around my desk. So many that it looks like wallpaper 🙂


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