Life According to Pooh Bear

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne is a children’s classic, that can be enjoyed by all ages. Interestingly, Milne didn’t write the Pooh stories and poems for children but instead intended them for the child within us. So if this book wasn’t in your childhood, don’t dismiss it.

 This book follows Winnie the Pooh and his friends on their adventures through the Hundred Acre Woods. Winnie, Piglet and all the other friends in the 100 Acre Wood  are great because everyone has some sort of problem. Pooh is painfully naïve and has an eating disorder, Piglet is neurotic, Owl is a narcissist, Eeyore has major depression, Tigger is hyperactive, Rabbit is a sociopath. It’s good for kids to learn that pretty much anyone you meet will have some sort of major problem.

Pooh embraces each day with enthusiasm and joy, savoring each moment as he lives in the present, simply connecting with nature and his friends. Adults spend decades meditating to come to this state of being. So read and enjoy these whimsical quotes and delightful drawings by A.A. Milnes and allow his philosophy to seep into your heart.


26 thoughts on “Life According to Pooh Bear

      1. 🙂 Thanks! I was totally unprepared for the “problems” you listed for all the characters, When you said it was great because everyone had a problem and then started listing mental ones, I lost it. I was expecting like, kites stuck in trees and Pooh’s honey being gone lol (I remember a kite story, was it stuck in a tree? I am going to have to read Pooh again, aren’t I?) By the time I hit Rabbit being a sociopath I was doubled over, seriously!


  1. This is the cutest post I think I have ever read. Good job Melanie, and it just goes to show how much we can learn from the “simple.” Loved it!! God Bless, SR


  2. This is a new way of looking at Pooh. Love it.

    “…taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.” We all need someone like that.

    Thanks for the fresh insight into these books.


  3. Sadly My children don’t like the Pooh anymore, they have swapped him for Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the boy and The hobbit for my girl. To me Pooh Bear will always have that certain sweetness and innocence of the toddler years, I hold onto the memories of when my children enjoyed the stories and held their soft cuddly Piglet in their arms to sleep at night. Lovely post Melanie.


    1. i agree- and that is why you will write a GREAT kid’s book with even better drawings.

      I have the words for a couple short kids books and just might have to start drawing again or get my two artistic daughters on it


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