A Photo Salute to Book Lovers


22 thoughts on “A Photo Salute to Book Lovers

  1. That old-school library in the bottom tight hand corner….

    It has always been my ambition to have something like that in my home. Books on every wall and a few piled up in the corner as well.

    Not there yet but I’m working on it.


  2. The only thing missing is a person with their nose squarely in a book (old or new) to smell its binding and pages. It is something I have always done. I don’t know, may be weird!


  3. To be honest Melanie, I’ve never been into books and the most I’ve read is when I started to blog, and mark my words, it seems like I’ve read a million books over the past year.
    Some of the pictures do remind me of people I know who are avid book readers. One friend in Italy had floor to ceiling bookshelf’s of books, it looked like a museum. Others have books all over the place that I fear for fire in an accident. But I guess, that’s what they love – to read many books and often.


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