a mother’s words

ccf02262012_000011.jpga mother's words

19 thoughts on “a mother’s words

    1. you know- that is a wonderful idea- I never thought about that, just short stories where I was told that picures are expensive to publish. I love images and phrases always pop into my head.
      some of my stories would make hilarious,odd ball kid books with lots of pictures


  1. More children *were* less, for sure. The part I don’t get is that they were less expensive as a herd than they were individually! We certainly had no food go to waste. 😉


  2. Great quotes, Melanie. Real food for thought. I only respect wisdom, like yours, that comes from experience. I think a picture book with your sayings would be a fabulous idea. “Children help you forget what’s not important.” That’s one for the ages.


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