Introducing a Talented Artist: Yun Yi

184208_104569559623073_2125722_n“It is my belief that art

(not include practical art, such as design)

         should not be a profession,

but a hobby — a pure personal enjoyment.”

Yun Yi


Yun Yi’s studio, Mei Studio, is a private art studio that offers comprehensive art training and education for both young and adult students. The main goal of Mei Studio, beside improving students’ drawing and painting skill, is to open a door to students’ creativity, help them to discover their own talents.
 Yun Yi , “essentially, as mother of those “abstract kids” (as i call them myself), i love them all. but it doesn’t hurt to have favorites”

Girl on a Beach


30 thoughts on “Introducing a Talented Artist: Yun Yi

  1. Melanie, I appreciate so much your doing this. It blew my mind away! And I have to say, you did an awesome job in putting them together. I feel like they look better in your blog than in mine.


  2. Some of those pictures knocked me for six, they are absolutely beautiful. What a talent you have Yun Yi. How amazing to think someone has the ability to do things like this. And thank you so much Melanie for showcasing it 🙂


  3. Beautiful paintings by Yun Yi! The children are very realistic with wonderful expressions. The beautiful little boy looking so pensive, the look of inquisitiveness and intelligence on the face of the two girls, the joyful little girl with the seashell so delicately holding up her dress from the water, absolutely beautiful art! I also love the landscapes and the house surrounded by trees. Melanie, thank you for posting these for us to enjoy!!


  4. yunyi, you have such a wonderful eye. You seem to have really left yourself behind and entered completely into the ambience of your subjects. Also I loved what you said about traditional painting techniques vs digital and photographic art. I agree completely.


    1. thanks marty! you are quite right. that’s why I got so tired after i painted during recent year while my energy has been limited – I literally felt that the energy in my body has been transferred into paintings.


  5. I love the picture of Yun Yi and her students; they are so fortunate to have a teacher like her. Yun Yi’s portraiture is really exquisite; so soft and full of natural light and movement. I’ve been enjoying the landscapes she’s painted more recently. I know that producing art has been an issue for her, something she felt was forced upon her by her parents. I’m so glad that she’s found a balance with teaching and exploring a more “spontaneous” approach to painting…I think she’s finally having fun with her artwork!


    1. @Kris, you are totally right. I now only paint when I feel like. Thanks for your kind words on my art teaching. Actually I feel very lucky too because with this job, not only I can support myself, but also I feel young and happy again to be with them. 🙂

      @Melanie, yes, with freedom and joy! 🙂


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