Smile Mum

When he saw my Facebook page, Shaun  Gibson from Looking for reasoning to a complicated world, sent me a funny meme “Can you stop being so brilliant..”. It made me laugh, not just smile because I feel anything but brilliant yet it was still uplifting.  Laughter is the best medicine.


To mums:

Shaun and I are awarding you  both his meme and the free, no strings attached Fantabulous Award to pass to any mum who needs a smile today.

And Shaun, ” Your words flow like liquid sunshine into the shadows of my heart”.


11 thoughts on “Smile Mum

      1. They do that..
        Someone sent me an email once saying I was due them £50 or something, was some company.

        I sent them a dog shit in a bag, well wrapped 🙂
        With some luck, someone opened it and put a hand in..

        Yeah I love new ideas 🙂 x


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