Meet the Family




44 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. Beautiful family! So, I have a question…is the little girl at the very top left of the pictures the one that was in the painting that you have for your header? And another…are you Yun Yi? Since I’ve just started following you, I may have missed this info somewhere. Beautiful paintings!


  2. Melanie, I remember the first time we met your family (years ago at a HV BBQ) and one of your younger daughters (around 7 or 8 at the time) asked me, “Are you a Mommy or are you a kid?” I thought that was hilarious…


  3. Beautiful family, Melanie! The boy on the right side of forth row looks just like you. And I love the one in which all of you together in outside, with tree shadows all over you guys. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I’m always amazed thinking about how you raised 9 children. Just thinking about how you coped with the breakfast, lunch, dinner, washing up, etc really boggles my mind at times, let alone the so many different personalities. You did a perfect job Melanie. Happy and healthy children is all one can ask for, and them to be close to you as parents is a real bonus. Lovely photos, and I just love the paintings from Yun Yi too.


    1. I used to feel inadequate when my perfectly organized neat-freak sister-in-law came to visit. Then one day she turned to me and said, “>Melanie, I don’t know HOW you ever get out of the kichen and laundry room.” Tears of relief came to my eyes


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