I just discovered this photographer a couple of days ago through Busy Mind Thinking. Andy photographs everything from flower close-ups, nature scenes, architecture and  his family.Andy’s photos are works of art but come see for yourself at LIFE AND PHOTOS BY ANDY


I have always loved photography. I am new to the game, however I have always had a good eye for capturing pictures. Through this journey I hope to become an even better photographer and share what I have captured with the world.


“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
― Alfred Stiegitzl


Top Five written posts as selected  the viewers of Andy’s blog:


5 – A Misadventure through Acadia – 90

4 – Beauty Unrecognized – 95

3 – GET A ROOM!!! – 115

2 – If You Give A Two Year Old Some Privacy – 117

1 – A Daddy Post – 145

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