“Quit Trying to Dismember Me!”

The school bus was not scheduled to pull up for another twenty minutes but six-year old Rebecca, my youngest child, was pulling the kitchen door open, hoping for some free time before school.  As the door open, I looked up.

Before I could comment,  Mara , one of  her many older sisters, whipped around and remarked,

 “Rebecca, did you try to do your hair again? The part’s crooked. Come over here and I will fix it for you.”

Emily entered the kitchen at the same time and looked her little sister up and down,

” Mum couldn’t have picked those clothes for you to wear. The top does not match your sweater. You’ll have to change or keep the sweater buttoned up all day.”

Hearing all the commotion, Rachel yelled from the bathroom,

“Rebecca, you forgot to brush your teeth again!”

 Suddenly Rebecca through her arms up into the air and huffed out in exasperation,

“All right, all right everybody. Quit trying to dismember me.”

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14 thoughts on ““Quit Trying to Dismember Me!”

  1. I just love it when I hear all the things that children say and do when they are young. It’s just so funny seeing their little characters come into play and their thoughts speak out. I’m sure you can write a book or two on this Melanie.


  2. Such a beautiful family and what I love the most is that your lovely kids are ready to help each other. I’ll also love to have a big family like yours + their conversation is so funny and cute … something that could go as a family drama movie. Love to you all xx


  3. Ha! Love it! Reminds me of my own twins and how they’d make up really great descriptive words when they were little. Rory was shoveling dirt onto his brother, Nick, who was scooting around in his little foot-powered car, and Nick yelled, “Rory, stop taminizing me!”


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