If I Can Create Quotes and Badges, ANYONE Can!

 A fellow blogger decided to immortalize one of my statements.


with my husband


                                                           A screen shot for my Catholic Blog- I figured out how to do it yesterday with the free app called Awesome Screen Shots.Just download the app, press the button that is now embedded on the top of your screen. Voilà, it is finished

joy of nine9   Melanie Jean Juneau  published author  journalist

I discovered two sites which are easy to use. Quozio http://quozio.com/ allows me to type a quote, using anyone of their backgrounds. Easy.

The first time I wrote on a photo with http://www.picmonkey.com/


Clipzines, http://clipzine.me/motherofnine9 is a wonderful tool that helps me create pages of pictures, collages.

hobby farm

our art

 Badge made for CatholicMom.com by Sarah Reinhard.


badge made for CatholicMom.com


Badge made for Catholic Bloggers Network by  of Equipping Catholic Families


I use a Facebook app to make the above banner. Now I can use it anywhere.


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