If I Can Create Quotes and Badges, ANYONE Can!

Some seemingly simple activities on the computer  have confused me for weeks. It would have been so easy for someone to explain how to do things in plain English. For example, to get the URL of an imageright-click on OPEN IN A NEW TAB and da,da…there is the URL. On the other hand right-click on “URL of image” and I can’t see a darn thing, anywhere. What is that?

A fellow blogger decided to immortalize one of my statements. I was baffled last year, thinking that I would never finger out how to do this.


THEN, I discovered two sites which are easy to use. Quozio http://quozio.com/ allows me to type a quote, using any one of their backgrounds. Easy.

This photo was the  first time I managed to write  successfully on a photo with http://www.picmonkey.com/CCF02262012_00001


Clipzines, http://clipzine.me/motherofnine9,    is a wonderful tool that helps me create pages of pictures, collages of posts, quotes and images anyway, any size, I can possibly imagine.


our art
A screen shot for my Catholic Blog- I figured out how to do this yesterday with the free app called Awesome Screen Shots. Install it, then simply press a button on the top of your screen. Voilà, it is finished.joy of nine9 - Melanie Jean Juneau, published author, journalist

 Badge made for CatholicMom.com by Sarah Reinhard.


badge made for CatholicMom.com


Badge made for Catholic Bloggers Network by  of Equipping Catholic Families


I used a Facebook app to make the above banner. Now I can copy and paste it anywhere.

39 thoughts on “If I Can Create Quotes and Badges, ANYONE Can!

  1. I knew that if I hung out on the internetz long enough, somebody would reveal its secrets. Thanks so much for sharing these tips.


    1. Some things that have tripped me up would have been so easy for someone to explain. For example to get the URL of a picture , right click on OPEN IN A NEW TAB and da,da…there is the URL. On the other hand right click on URL of picture and I can’t see a darn thing, anywhere????


      1. SoundEagle reckons that you are still remarkably charming even when you are at your best and worst spelling challenged moments . . . .


      2. SoundEagle would be very surprised if all of Melanie’s spelling prowess or deficit is merely confined or attributed to a single chromosome, let alone one or several genes. 😉


      3. Microsoft Word could do the trick perhaps?

        Now, SoundEagle would like to take the liberty of coining a new name, given the current conversation topic and the time of the year:

        Melanin Gene Julyau

        The first one is especially good for your skin in summer; the second is really good for your body and spelling; and the third is auspiciously good for ushering in the second half of the year!


      4. Phew!! SoundEagle has been holding its breath and is now sighing a big relief for having passed the smart(est) test on the very special blog of the mother of nine…..


      5. There might be other tests coming your way. Next computer question I have, I just might ask YOU to explain in normal, English. Of course you may not resort to techno lingo or jibberish. That will be the real test of your smartness .


  2. Knew the right click trick but had never heard of quozio.com will check it out! I find a lot of humor in your quotes and truth as well. Blessings and peace, great blog here!


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