Au Revoir, Adios, Ta,Ta, Bye For Now, See You Soon

I am off to the cottage for a week with ALL nine adult kids, in-laws and baby grandchildren. Two hours further north into the Canadian Shield, without any  internet reception.

So it is old-fashioned books, swimming, campfires,  fishing scrabble, delicious meals and unending hours of crocheting to finish a cotton bed cover for my daughter’s wedding in August.

I will be back Saturday evening, July 27th.


39 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Adios, Ta,Ta, Bye For Now, See You Soon

  1. Melanie these are the best kind of holidays ones spent laughing it up with family and especially catching a glimpse of ever growing grandchildren. I to am off for a week with family. My whole family will be in the one place for my sisters 50th a rare thing as we live all over the state of NSW in Australia so I am excited for you. The baby is so gorgeous I love that photo.


      1. across the top, there should be Writers Center | Newsroom | Messages | Contacts | Edit Profile | Statistics writers center is where you copy and paste aticles and then formulate them to meet the guidelines. read some stuff first


      2. “Sorry”
        Do you know how to embed a video into Broowaha?
        I try to put the code in, and nothing.

        Cheers.. x


      3. I know…
        I wanted to party but I can’t drink 🙂

        Good place, some fantastic reads..
        TRULY!! Thank you x


      4. Will keep that in mind…
        So is it normal to make the front page?
        Does everyone’s new blog/post make the front page for a while, or have I been lucky..

        Ta x


      5. Superb…
        Thanks again…
        Does he blog here?
        So I could blog here and just copy it there?

        Yeah? x


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