On the Edge and Broken

Daily Prompt: On the Edge

by michelle w. on August 19, 2013

We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

One of my inner images is of a chasm.

My family is on the rim of a wagon wheel hovering over this chasm, while I am on the hub, frantically trying to hold all the broken spokes together.

I KNOW that I must let go of this futile sense of responsibility and control but fear prevents me from letting go.

When I finally do, the broken spokes are instantly repaired, the kids and my husband are smiling and healed.

Why? My tension prevented the natural, organic growth and healing. My control acted as a wall, shutting out all divine intervention. My sincere concern and earnest self-sacrifice actually magnified everyone’s brokenness, freezing everyone and everything.

10 thoughts on “On the Edge and Broken

  1. I agree with you. Letting go lets your children learn to fix their own problems, make their own mistakes, learn how to make good decisions. So many good things come of letting go of that wheel. 🙂


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