New Award- the Curmudgeon Whisperer

awarded by K-W SoundEagle
Sculpture by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt [German, 1736 – 1783], J.Paul Getty

awarded to me by K-W SoundEagle for soothing irritable bloggers and commentators
suggestions open for next recipient

feel free to pass on award

10 thoughts on “New Award- the Curmudgeon Whisperer

  1. HaHaHa Melanie, you do know how to wear the new badge of “the Curmudgeon Whisperer” with pride without prejudice.

    However, the title “Curmudgeon Whisperer” is somewhat too general and non-specific. SoundEagle insists that your special talent must also be recognized and commemorated as The Quintessential Whisperer of/to Any Good Old Grumpy Blogger In Need of a Surrogate Mother for lack of a good religion and/or a good job.


  2. Melanie, you have succeeded in pacifying curmudgeons. And there is one more similar challenge awaiting you, namely, to get the one who “is slowly coming out of a despair- joke about 3 readers, then five” to joke about/with SoundEagle. We can only be sure that this one has really been cured by you and your spell when you finally succeed in getting this one to be charmingly “flirtatious” (but hopefully not disarmingly frivolous) with SoundEagle.


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