Friendship Friday

Friendship FridayFriendship Friday at Create With Joy is a week-long event where you can:

  • Share what’s unique about you and your blog!

What is unique about me and my blog,,,ah just about everything. I mean who has nine kids today, lived on a farm and is now a crazy writer?


Well I did feel quite marginalized even in my parenting approach. I call it becoming a baby whisperers. Then I discovered a blog which gives credibility to my methods. It is called “Attachment parenting”. The site is warm, informative and professional looking yet engaging and down-to earth. They have actually asked me to become a staff writer. Looks like I have found kindred spirits, new friends.

This is part of my first post there.

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Introductory Article
When i first stumbled upon CCatholic Attachment Parenting Corner, I reacted with a combination of surprise, delight and relief. Surprise that there was real an official label and even a distinguished author who sanctioned the way I have mothered for 33 years, delight to discover a community of like-minded Catholic mothers and profound relief to know that i am not alone.
For years I heard the older generation,shake their heads and tsk,
“Really Melanie, there are easier ways to do things, you know.”
My response was always,
” I just cannot mother any other way”
This natural, from the heart sort of mothering  is instinctual. I had never held a baby before my first so and not inflict rigid expectations or methods upon my hapless infant,I looked, listened, reacted, watched and learned. Baby’s are not idiots you know. That insight is the foundation of a nurturing, give and take relationship with  an infant who is a person in the fullest sense of the word, albeit a very little person.
My second insight was that I was not in some sort of victim relationship where i simply sacrificed myself for my children. No, being in a relationship means that if i am open, my little ones will love and nurture me as well. They taught me to delight in the little things.
people ask my husband and I,
” How on earth did you raise nine great young adults. Interesting that many of these people  critized my devotion to my kids. I want to say,
“Well, dah….!”

6 thoughts on “Friendship Friday

  1. Well…you did what came naturally. I did the only thing my Joey with accept: lots of touch,talk, sing and comfort plus shared sleeping…later I discovered the name to this “madness” (not my name) and felt better about it. Joey loved to be with us so much she even called us Mamma-Dadda for the first three years of her life…many days I firmly believ that I learned more from her than the other way around.


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