Inspire Me Monday: Fairytales

Inspire Me Monday

I stumbled upon this quote from Einstein months ago and then again yesterday on another  blog. It was more than inspiring, these words made me laugh, lifted my spirits and enkindled a wish to turn many of my short stories into children/s books. Especially since my grandchild, who turned two yesterday is a bona fide book-worm, which is a source of delight to me.





21 thoughts on “Inspire Me Monday: Fairytales

  1. Something I do with Courtney and Chloe all the time, the innocence of it all amazes me, they believe it all. And these are such precious moments. Happy late 2nd Birthday also to your Grandchild.
    We need to let our kids STAY kids for as long as we can, reality can wait.

    Great blog


      1. My pleasure…
        Great blog by the way..
        A Child’s innocence should be kept for as long as possible.



      2. Smiling here also..
        ..And making a cup of tea..
        Would make you one, but my email is crap 😦

        lol x


  2. I read to my three-year old every night.

    Back in summer, my wife and her father were trying to put together a camper and get it ready for the lake. The kids were being rowdy, trying to beat each other with sticks. I didn’t feel I was being particularly useful, so I decided to take them inside. My father-in-law thought I was punishing them. At the time, I thought I was too.

    Somehow or another, I ended up reading a book to them both, lying in their bed. My wife came in a few moments later, said that Pa wanted them back outside. I felt kind of undermined as a parent again, but what-the-heck. Fine.

    Ethan left, but my Landen stayed. He would rather have the book read to him than play outside. My wife wasn’t sure that was a good thing. But I was sure and very proud.


      1. Don’t know. From what I’ve seen of late, my mother didn’t spend that much quality time with us. She’ll go 6 months or more without calling or anything. She has seen her grandkids maybe a dozen times. She lives 15 minutes away.

        I’ve tried talking to her about it. It doesn’t seem to sink in.

        I can say this. I’ll never give up my kids. I’ll never give up my grandkids. Nothing in my life will ever put them in second place.


      2. wow.. she is either depressed, worn out, wounded..something needs healed..guilt? don’t take it personally my mother-in-law had 10 kids but unlike me she simply burnt out and depressed, had 32 grandkids and rarely saw mine either


      3. Her priorities are mixed up. She is lazy.

        She has 5 kids. She doesn’t have that many grandkids, only 7.

        I don’t take it personally. I’ve just noticed a lot of things (namely bad) that I never noticed when I lived with her.

        I thank God for finding my wife and her family. They are the exact opposite. They smother you sometimes, but that’s okay.


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