Sunrise, Sunset /Swiftly Flow the Years

TimeFriendship Friday–        

           Sunrise, sunset

                             Swiftly flow the Years

Pictures by a daughter

I am human,

living each day,

sunrise to sunset

in a linear progression,
looking back to
member the past,
living in the moment,
thinking of tomorrow
as the future.
With pride and in awe, we watch our offspring stand on the ceiling of our experience and all we have taught them. My ceiling is in fact my children’s floor. It is what they stand on as they begin their lives.

And so the circle of life continues but not like a pointless circle; it is more like a spiral which rises ever closer to the light, to a fullness of healing IF we let go and let God control time.

It is interesting that when my kids gather at celebrations, they dance in a circle, facing each other. Every once in a while, one will turn and gesture to other people to come and join them and they do because the circle is inclusive. As I watch, this circle  of dance it seems symbolic to me, reminding me of the circle of life.

Especially when they dance, my adult children’s joy is contagious. Once again, I am filled with humble thanksgiving for what the Lord has done in our family.


12 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset /Swiftly Flow the Years

  1. This reminds me of Sir Isaac Newton’s (of John Salisbury’s) quote, “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants…” You were the giant for your children. Blessings…


  2. I love the statement, “My ceiling is my children’s floor.” The thought gives rise to hope – especially when one’s children mostly seem to still be hanging out in my basement!

    God is faithful, though. I look forward to the day when their relationships with Him surpass my own.



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