Let’s Publish a Newspaper

If I can do this ANYONE can. Publish a newspaper.see http://paper.li/mjmjuneau/1373913996




15 thoughts on “Let’s Publish a Newspaper

  1. This looks very interesting. Why did you decide to put together your own paper? Is it just another avenue to reach a wider audience? I’m intrigued to see where you take it. It seems like it could be a good platform to combine a whole slew of different content in one place… like a “best of” for the week or month…


    1. exactly..the best of the week. So far this “paper” seems to be the easiest to handle. I have a tab inserted into my favorite bar and I simply press it to add new content on what ever page I want to include. So far no one is subsribing but I just have to make up an email list

      .I have tried Twylah and RebelMouse but people just dont’ go there to see everything in one plave + THEY control the pages so I am constantly deleting repeat posts that appear in twitter, facebook, google all showing the same article


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