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Friendship Friday

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Change? Who Me?

I am childless for the first time in 33 1/2 years

                                                      as my ninth child starts university!




I was always sad when summer was over and school began. I enjoyed the relaxed, hot days of summer with my kids, the farm animals and gardens, I could never really understand those mothers who threw champagne brunch celebrations on the first day of school.  For me school meant  10 lunches, homework,  laying out clothes the night before and finding matching socks for 22 feet.

Just two weeks ago, tears sprang to my eyes as I watched my fifth child commit her life in marriage as a strong, adult woman,

PhotoPhoto: The Ottawa Arboretum with the most talented Frank Fenn!!!!  Can't wait to see the wedding day photos!

So, I was not certain what my reaction would be when we dropped my youngest off at one of her oldest sister’s who is finishing her under graduate degree and preparing an honours thesis to qualify for a Masters in Religious Studies.

It was only two days before our 35th wedding anniversary and I am proud to admit that i turned to my husband and smiled!


My youngest is more than ready for the challenges of the journalism program. 950 people applied to this program which is ranked as the best in Canada, 194 students were accepted, they cull 100 after the first year and Rebecca was accepted way last November on a scholarship. ( just a touch of Mummy Drivel, I promise)

Now I have even more time to write and  I am thrilled. So in answer to this Friday’s prompt,

“Yes, I do have the ability to change. After all my great grand-mother lived till 95, my grandmother 86 and my mother is a young 82-year-old. Heck, my husband/s grandmother is 100 and still smiling. Thus begins the next 40 year period of my life. It will be …. interesting.”

14 thoughts on “Friendship Friday – Change

    1. SEEKER has summed it up very well indeed! Melanie, whilst you may have an empty nest, there is still your lifelong companion and soulmate to celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary, and 40 years later, the 75th wedding anniversary!

      Congratulations to your youngest child, Rebecca, on being accepted into the best jornalism program on a scholarship! Please tell her that SoundEagle would like to wish her great success in becoming a jornalist that will make the world listens and learns!


  1. How interesting it is too look back at life and then forward to the changes that will occur. Having 9 children you have ridden an emotional roller-coaster I am sure along the way. Congratulations to your daughter Rebecca for being accepted. Beautiful photos and now you find yourself once again. 🙂


    1. SoundEagle agrees with ramblingsfromamum about “now you find yourself once again”. It seems that longevity runs in your families. And if life begins at sixty, then indeed forty years of jornalism await you, and SoundEagle hopes to be among the first to witness Melanie walking down the Yellow Brick Road with open heart and welcoming arms (or wings).


  2. So exciting to be shoving off shore!! Bon Voyage and best blessings to you on your way to many new discoveries…Beautiful photos of your daughter and son-in-law. Congrats for the new babes coming…


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