Are We All Here? Anyone Missing?


Are We All Here? Anyone Missing?

    A mother of 9 grown children reflects on dinnertime: the central

hub that held all the spokes of her family’s activities together

in one cohesive whole- a wheel of family life.

by melanie jean juneau

Oh good, you’re done barn chores. Perfect timing; dinner is almost ready.

Two more minutes, everybody!

Daniel I’ll help with that after we eat, okay?

Mary, please run up and open Claire’s door and shut off the music.

Dinner is ready!!

Lucy, I know you love that book sweetheart but, remember, no reading at the dinner table.

Where’s Matthew??

Honey would you lift up David into the high chair?

Are we all here?..Anyone missing?

Ahh…. dinner time in a large family.

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My first article

                                            Are We All Here? Anyone Missing?


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In this fall issue, we explore “the family table” — why is it important, what do  you when you get there? Click on the flipbook to explore!


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10 thoughts on “Are We All Here? Anyone Missing?

  1. You know, I always wondered how you remembered the names of all your children. Especially when you need someone to stop doing something dangerous and all you can see is what they’re doing and your brain freezes up. 🙂


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