I am an Inefficient Square


I am a square. Not just a normal square but an especially inefficient square.


for decades, yes decades,

i woke up, every morning

only to realize, to my dismay

that i was still a square.

not just a square but an especially, inefficient square

who lived surrounded by the clamour of a large family

pressing in on every unyielding side

digging into every sharp corner.

ruthlessly, without thought,

i hacked off every corner

until i managed to roll, albeit unsteadily

through my day,

pretending to be an efficient circle

an ideal mother and housewife.


i needed sleep.

every morning

i woke up, stretched, stood, discovering yet again that my surgery

was not permanent.

no, my true self regenerated those stupid corners

over and over, day after day, year after year

like a surrealist’s farce.


i have begun to rejoice in my inefficiency,

to rejoice in my creative square-like self.

i am an artistic, drawing, writing sort of square.

a colourful, multi-hued sort of square

with depth and texture.

a rather quirky, interesting square.

a one-of-a-kind square

perhaps, after all these years,

i might be described best as a well worn, well-rounded square with many love triangles inscribed within.




14 thoughts on “I am an Inefficient Square

    1. Is Melanie a square peg for a round groove?

      Even a square can be made more interesting and turned into a rombus or diamond.

      Yes, a “well-rounded square” is slowly transformed into a “rough-cut diamond” . . . . . . with greater depth, fire and brilliance!


      1. Yes, we are alike in many ways. 🙂

        By the way, have you had a chance to play the two computer games to satisfy your inner child? I prefer the second game to the first.

        I suppose that your grandkids can give them a good test drive too.

        Goodnight to you!


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