Tears of Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

Tears of joy.

The last time I shed tears of joy I was completely surprised. They sprang to my eyes without warning, at a daughter’s wedding. She was gorgeous, standing tall and centered, confidently and maturely committing her life to her husband.

I  often shed tears of joy. They spring to my eyes unbidden and without warning. When a person cries because of the way they’re feeling, it’s known as emotional tears. Nobody knows exactly why we have emotional tears but one reason might be that they help us release our deepest, feelings, feelings that are often subconscious. Tears are a non-verbal way to release emotions that are non-verbal as well. These emotions are in the ground of our being and connect us to the rest of humanity.


12 thoughts on “Tears of Joy

  1. I weep at emotional scenes in movies. Themes of loss or mercy or personal redemption really get to me. After both my parents died, I became a niagara of tears. For months, I couldn’t stop the ceaseless flow.


  2. I’m a walking tear factory, and cry at the drop of a hat for no reason at all! I’ve been this way since childhood – especially in connection to music. I gave up trying to stop the flow long ago. It is what it is!

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! May they have many long and happy years together. 🙂



  3. This is easy for me. I’m a middle school choir director. Nearly every concert, usually at the end when we have a joint piece with everyone together, singing about singing, tons of harmony, proud faces…. ugh… then it happens… as I’m still directing. 🙂 Then they make fun of old Mr. Keller and I go back to being a marm the next day. 😉


  4. SoundEagle just finished having lunch and is back to reading your blog posts. This one, with its photos and quotes, is getting SoundEagle teary.

    Tolstoy is such a superb writer and observer.

    Thank you, Melanie.


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