Little People

Great Paintings - Mother8I accepted a writing challenge:

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. Time to loosen up and have some fun, fun with words

SO…How about a 1970’S type of STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS with a pinch of  the poetic style of e.e. cummings? Now I am dating myself because this poet was the unorthodox poet of choice in highschool during the ’70’s. So it shall be a stream of consciousness with little punctuation or structure for 10 minutes, perfect vehicle to talk about infants because they have no frame of reference as they experience life for the first time.



albeit tiny people

not dolls

Not reflections of our

own egos

not unformed personalities

to fulfil our unfulfilled dreams and ambitions.

but fully human beings.


each unique.

with definite personalities and characters.


just look back once they have grown

and discover the seeds of the man

within the toddler.

Such a mystery and a delight

to discern each individual personality

to encourage

to watch

as each babe grows

into a fully realized

adult who reflects the child within




33 thoughts on “Little People

      1. Thank you for informing me here, as I had no idea that you had watched them, as I did not see any Like or Comments from you at the post. Some feedback there will be much appreciated.


      1. Please promptly enjoy SoundEagle’s most recent post in which you have the chance to relive your childhood and play marbles on the two computer games provided within the post!


      2. That post is much more than just famous quotes etc., because it presents blogging or writing challenge in which anyone can participate, and even claim the reward batch and display it on their website, once their post (composed specifically for that writing challenge) has been highlighted and featured by SoundEagle.


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