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Dear Staff Reviewers,

Thank you very much for your recommendations last week. I was very happy to see so many of you shared stories on Facebook and Twitter. It really helped us to see what kind of stories are suitable for sharing online. There was one story in particular, which you all overwhelmingly chose to share.  Pigs, Pigs, Those Intelligent Pigs 

Our family treasures hilarious memories of our animals but some of the most amusing and heartwarming stories are about our pigs.

Pigs are popular these days, especially teacup pigs who are worth up to $2,500.00 each. However, our family loves real farm hogs because they are friendly, smart and crafty. For twenty years we have raised meat birds, laying hens, 4 pigs, a calf and loved an old Arabian and a beautiful warm-blooded show horse.

When the local hog farmer drove over to deliver our four little piglets in the spring, he stayed for almost an hour enjoying their introduction to free range living. In fact, most of the family stood around their pasture, watching and laughing. The piglets literally leaped and twisted in the air in utter bliss as they emerge from the truck. Like most modern farmers, our neighbourhood supplier built an efficient, modern, clean setup. That meant that his hogs never breathed fresh air, saw the sun or touched dirt or vegetation.

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5 thoughts on “Pigs, Pigs, Those Intelligent Pigs on ReadWave

  1. I lone animals. I was raised on my maternal grandparents’ farm. The best place for kids. Animals, dirt, fresh food and lot of room to roam. I wish That I could afford that life again. I am stuck in the city. And I am country girl at heart. By the way, any idea where would I find a goat or kid?


  2. I loved this and commented on The Community Story Board. Great post for dredging up good memories, and a good indicator of how to make some good memories!


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