Seven Wonders or the Seven Words of Life

         Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another

unless language is reduced to seven words.

What would your seven words be?

I understand the power of words to diffuse evil and banish lies. So if I could only chose seven words to express myself to the world, they would have to be clear, concise words, words that would convey…

Life not death and

Joy not despair.2222d3efeec3da4dd8c481a0dc3d73ee

Words that would bless, not curse,

ushering in hope and not crushing the reader with despair.

I would need words that pierce a mind with light, triggering understanding and wisdom not words of sophistry to summon darkness or confusion.

Perhaps only one word, the Word made Flesh sums up all I would want to say.. .Jesus.

So my seven words would be life, light, understanding, joy, bless, hope, Jesus.


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