A Treat for Bloggers Visiting on Halloween

Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat. If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out?

A treat from us to you. This quote was inspired by a comment by Karen ( http://karenmesa.com/on one of my posts called Children and by the art of Mary Casset.

 “I am amazed every day at the purity of the love expressed by my son.

It is love in its truest, purist form and it is beautiful.”


31 thoughts on “A Treat for Bloggers Visiting on Halloween

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  2. Thank you Melanie Jean!!! I knew you had something up your sleeve when we messaged, but then got caught up in life and didn’t get a chance to return to your blog until today! Quite the honour and I’m glad I could inspire you. I will link to your blog from mine!


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