Inspire Me Monday: Write. Just Sit Down and Start Writing.


educatedancientwoman2   Inspire Me Monday #96 – Week Of November 3, 2013


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Obviously NaBloPoMo will be my inspiration for all of November. This is a challenge to write, everyday, no matter what, It is a commitment. Interestingly, when I looked up sage  advice from famous authors,  their advice boiled down to the very same thing.  Write, just sit down and start writing.  Period. So now I present humourous yet pithy quotes from famous authors on the art of writing but first,  a summary of famous author’s advice.



                   If you want to be a writer you obviously must write.

Don’t talk about writing,

dream about writing

or read about writing,

just sit down and start writing

anything and everything,

even if it is a stream of consciousness,

even if it is drivel,

it doesn’t matter at first;

just get in the habit of writing,

editing can come later.

melanie jean juneau

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6 thoughts on “Inspire Me Monday: Write. Just Sit Down and Start Writing.

  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome Inspire Me Monday post with us this week at Create With Joy!

    I love the quotes you shared and will be featuring you at this week’s party!

    Best of luck to you at this month’s NaBloPoMo.


  2. I love Stephen King’s advice, and one that is becoming harder and harder to do — we write on our computers, but then the email tone distracts us, or Facebook calls us, or a reminder pops up on our calendar. . . . focus is a challenge and a discipline. And challenges and disciplines make us better all the way around 🙂 So write on!


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