Queen of the Universe? Time to Quit Your Job!

images (53)Exhausted? Feeling stretched, even overwhelmed? Does it seem that everyone looks to you to get things done? When we refuse to let go of control, we are like a queen at the centre of our universe where everything and everybody depends on us. Trust me, it is more about our attitude than the real activities we perform. I am the mother of nine, so I was extremely busy but when my attitude changed, a big burden lifted off my shoulders, even though my body was just as busy.

Clearly, I am living in a fantasy when I see myself as the center of the universe, viewing everything as it circles around me.  Yet, this is exactly how most of us operate. My whole psychological make-up screams that I am the centre of my world because I view people, events, history through my eyes, judging what is right, trusting my thoughts and my feelings as the final judge of what is real. When I am at the centre of my universe, I am queen.

In my pride, I cling tenaciously to my throne and crown. Only when I was completely depleted and shattered, only then did I resign and give God  back His job. Only then did I surrender an ego centric point of view and embraced reality that God is at the centre of the universe. What a difference when I did let go.  I could stop, look up and enjoy the sunset, even if only for a moment and be filled with joy.cropped-cropped-b2ec3d4f960a562e5ab7b503dc28d6491.jpg

When I finally see beauty everywhere, I experience joy and a sense of connection because my eyes are not on myself. The truth is that I am simply part of the universe. Everything does not depend on me. I am free to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and the Spirit of God which permeates all when I am in the right place in the scheme of things. It just took decades to finally understand .


Definitely absurd but I only saw this fact after I surrendered and let go of control. I cannot  find what is really important in life in self-created delusions but I can discover truth as I learn to live in harmony with a bigger universe than the one I create.

After I gave up my crown, I still had just as much work to do but everything no longer depended on me. An inner tension was released somehow. Simply put, when I got off the throne, had a lot more energy and fun.




2 thoughts on “Queen of the Universe? Time to Quit Your Job!

  1. This was a hard-won lesson for me. It was humbling to discover that the world continued to go around just fine after I retired from being the ruler of my universe.

    Oh, the peace that accompanies letting God be in charge can’t be described. It simply must be experienced!

    Thanks for encouraging us to relax and enjoy life for a change. 🙂



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