Wordless Wednesday: Jie-Wei Zhou’s Sensitive Portraits of Children

Wordless Wednesday

A few words are necessary today as I present Jie-Wei Zhou,  a master realist who was born in China in 1962. Even as a child, he took a sketchbook wherever he went. I am fascinated by Jie-Wei Zhou’s studies of children which depict little people with a sense of melancholy and pathos yet capturing their innocence and sense of wonder at the same time.

He studied both Russian and French painting styles , immersing himself in the study of light and form. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Shanghai Normal University and a Masters in Fine Art from the Shanghai Drama Institute in 1991, one of only eleven students to do so, in a city of thirteen million.new-friend

Jie-Wei Zhou sent rolled canvases to an American gallery, which sold them, depositing the money in a savings account to pay for his passage to the States. The usual bureaucracy complicated his emigration, but he is now a permanent resident of the United States but his subject still reflects his homeland and people and scenes from Tibet and Mongolia


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