A Parable About a Frog

Inspire Me Monday

I like the idea of Inspiration Monday.
Monday’s often get the short end of the stick
But they are fraught with potential!
Judy Palmer



Throw a frog into a

Pot of boiling water;


He will jump right out.


Throw a frog into a

Pot of cold water,

Slowly raise the heat;

Even unto death.He will remain oblivious


Throw a good man

Into a cruel society;

He will see injustice clearly anddownload (1)

Speak out.


Throw a good man

Into a cold and polite society;

Slowly change

Standards and values.

He will remain silent,

With no sense of right or wrong

Even unto death.




10 thoughts on “A Parable About a Frog

  1. I spoke with a mom the other day about the new law being passed for co-ed bathrooms and locker rooms for the schools to accommodate children who’ve chosen an “alternative lifestyle”. She thought about it a moment and said, “Well, I can see the reasoning behind it.”


    Hey, Merry Christmas to you and your family. 🙂



    1. wow is right!!
      All the best wishes and blessings to you and yours- I am a selfish writer these days but oddly enough I thought of you this morning- guess it is a heart to heart connection-thanks for reaching out


      1. Yeah – was gonna include a comment about missing our chats…but know you’re busy (doing some amazing writing, I might add!), as am I. Know that you’re thought of often, and prayed for as well. 🙂



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