Tender Tidings: Free Magazine

family-joy-resized-image-760x429The winter issue of Tender Tidings, the free magazine for intentional Catholic parents, is now available for viewing! Just click on the flipbook to explore.

This issue is devoted to raising creative children.  Dr. Greg Popcak wrote an article on why family creativity time is good for the whole family;  Marcia Mattern shares ideas about creating a prayer corner in our homes;  Michaelyn Hein has some great ideas for making story time more creative.

look for my article 

Ingenuity and Creativity are Birthed in Boredom

When your kids announce that they are bored, how do you respond?

Do you rush to fix this horrible state of affairs? Well boredom is not a disease that needs cured.

All children need free time to discover who they are, what they are good at and what they enjoy. Provide them with art materials, books, old-fashioned wooden blocks, cardboard boxes and a costume box ; let them discover the joy of creating something beautiful out of nothing.Unplug your kids from all electronics everyday and give them the gift of time, time even to lay on the grass and simply look at the clouds.  read more on page 25


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