Inspire Me Monday:The AWESOME POWER of the ICE STORM

 PicMonkey Collage

All around us there are power  lines and towers down for at least three days with 350,000 homes affected; we are still fine with just 12 more hours of freezing rain to live through. It is amusing that I can I can jump on the icy snow and not make a dent in it! The other plus is that the outdoor lights look incredible sheathed in ice.
I was so prepared, I even had my huge stock pots filled with hot water on the wood stove the bathtub filled with water, candles and old-fashioned oil lamps ready and easy meals planned that could be warmed up on the wood stove. Oh well…I am slightly deflated after my planning for a siege against mother nature but also relieved that we missed the pioneering experience.
Freezing Rain Warning Issued at 7:30 PM EST Sunday 22 December 2013  Freezing rain and freezing drizzle continues this evening. The low pressure system responsible for winter weather over the last few days is now located over Lake Ontario and moving eastward. Periods of light freezing rain and freezing drizzle will affect the warned area through the evening . Driving conditions on untreated roads can become very hazardous this evening. Motorists and pedestrians should exercise caution and adjust travel plans accordingly.
Pictures from around Ontario from, valleynews. Enviroment Canada

8 thoughts on “Inspire Me Monday:The AWESOME POWER of the ICE STORM

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