Humourous Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

When I think of a typical painting  of mothers with their children which is a hundred years old or more, I think of idealized images where everyone has a sombre expression on their faces.  Well these painters had a sense of as humour  as they capture the moments when a mother is overwhelmed by her children’s need to touch and be close to her, even when she tries to work. These artists must have been fathers because they are remarkably insightful.They remind me of the days when I felt like a mauled mother cat, feeling like if one more person touched me that I would scream.

Fear not, I am in the process of finding out each painter’s name but my understanding is that if a painting is 100 years old, it is in the public domain.

5 thoughts on “Humourous Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha…. mauled mother cat. Gosh! That’s rich. That sounds about just right too. I so love those paintings. I have never seen them before. They tell you it’s ok to sometimes feel like pulling out hair. As I write you, I am having to juggle one child constantly questioning me, trying to get a handle on Science, another trying to study Geography but has ants in him and can’t keep still, and the others running and screaming around like wild horses. My husband is trying to work off some stress by baking a cake at 10:30 at night, and no one will sleep knowing that dad’s got a lovely cake fattening in the oven.

    I have to somehow get them through Rosary and into bed. God help us all!!!!!

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