Wordless Wednesday: Canadian Snow Humour

Snow Humour in Images

As I sit by the wood stove, with the wind howling all around our old house, I am toasty warm. However our water pipes to the upstairs shower, toilet and laundry room have frozen for the fifth time this year. This has rarely happened in previous years. The temperature is -27 C with the wind chill. So naturally I want to talk about the weather like the good Canadian that I am because it is a proven fact that discussing the weather is a national pastime. This sort of Canadian discussion is typically a combination of complaining and bragging all rolled into one rant!


PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Canadian Snow Humour

  1. 27 … below. That’s wild. I almost said “That’s wrong” … but, you Canadians would probably be offended, because in Canada, maybe 27 below is not wrong. These pictures are absolutely stellar !!! I have missed reading the good writing of numerous bloggers, such as you. Chuck Norris: I didn’t know that he was a Canadian. Okay, keep on, and I know you will. T


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